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Hello my name is Beverley, the creator of Mindful Visual Awareness© In the coming weeks I will be developing mindfulness online courses for you to access. please join my mailing list below and see the resources page, for updates. Get going with Breathworks’ 3 min meditation.

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Mindfulness is about developing a moment by moment awareness, by being in that moment, through sitting practices like meditation, or art, writing and even eating we can learn to cope with everyday situations. Practicing mindfulness helps us in many ways.

Research says that working in a mindful way helps to increase productivity and decreases time off work due to sickness. Mindfulness can also reduce stress, anxiety and help with symptoms of depression like lack of sleep. Please see the resources page for more information.

Why mindful visual awareness?

In 2009 I was diagnosed with glaucoma. As a result I am now partially sighted. I had two sight saving eye operation, but the process of diagnosis meant a lot of uncertainty about whether I was losing all my sight, that I was left with crippling headaches and anxiety. Mindfulness was the only solution I found to help me deal with my fear of blindness, and, to accept glaucoma as part of me.

I developed Mindful visual awareness© out of this experience. My aim is to help other visually impaired people cope with anxiety and depression through mindfulness-based meditation practices (MBMP). Secondly, I want to open the debate about what I call ‘fear of blindness’, through raising awareness about eye conditions and what it’s like to live with sight loss.


All my courses are filled with kindness and compassion resulting in clarity about your situation whether it be visual awareness training, learning a new MBMP, writing a poem or drawing mindfully. At the heart of mindfulness teaching is compassion. Humans are more prone to dwell on the negative which can cause fear and anxiety, by dwelling on the positive we develop compassion for ourselves and others. Mindful visual awareness© wholly embraces this philosophy. Please join my mailing list to find out about my online courses, meditations and resources.

with love, Beverley 🙂

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