Amelia Murray an inspiration for the older female traveller

The Honourable Amelia Murray, the subject of my talk  on Monday night at Paddington  library, reminded me of something important - when is it too late to go travelling? Murray travelled at age 59, as my research has shown travelling over 40 was unusual for women. Travelling alone, as she did, was even rarer. So I am reminded [...]


Writing about the history of travel

Today I had a sharp reminder about my process of writing on the history of travel -how formulaic it is, even predictable. I was stressing about completing a piece of work then after looking at all I had written I thought, I am there. When writing, I am constantly trying to fit pieces in at [...]

Lola Rodriguez de Tio: An inspirational traveller, exile and revolutionary for International Women’s Day and beyond …..

Female travellers were not only famous for their travel alone. Some were prolific writers, poets or revolutionaries. Lola Rodríquez de Tío  was one such person.  She was  born in 1843 in St Germain, Puerto Rico. She later became one of Puerto Rico’s most distinguished nineteenth-century lyric poets.  Her early education took place in St Germain. Her [...]

It’s stormy outside, but I didn’t know there had been an earthquake!

Whilst in Mexico in 2003 I was awoken by my landlord in the middle of the night bellowing ‘Telefono, telefono, Inglaterra!’ The dark outside, the hour, and the thought that someone was calling me from England who had been well briefed on the time difference, made me think the worse: someone had died or was [...]

Why write about women travellers

Definition of travel Throughout this blog you may see the term 'writer-traveller'. I use this term for the women I am going to introduce you to, because they were generally women who travelled and wrote about their experiences abroad whilst there or on their return home.These writings were generally in the form of letters, diaries, [...]

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