Published articles

New articles for 2019. Womanism and Black feminism, disability feminism and Audre Lorde in the Feminism Book.  Big Ideas simply explained.  A Part of Me: An article in a Special edition of Kindred Spirit Magazine in Summer 2018 Discovering Maria Nugent: a case for a religious morality amongst enslaved people in early nineteenth-century Jamaica Blog post … Continue reading Published articles


Rome: A Walking City

"The historic Italian capital of Rome provides the backdrop to this short film featuring Orwell Prize-winning writer, academic and broadcaster Delia Jarrett-Macauley and Rome-based Italian writer and illustrator Roberto Recchioni. Exploring the city, they talk about the effect location has on their writing, and how Rome was utilised in Shakespeare’s works Antony and Cleopatra, Titus … Continue reading Rome: A Walking City

About Talks

I currently give talks across London on nineteenth-century women travel writers' views on slavery; in addition on prominent black female travellers and writers of the same period like Mary Prince and Nancy Prince who went to Britain and Russia respectively. I am developing talks on the following questions: How glaucoma affects the African Caribbean community? … Continue reading About Talks

My spirit of resistance

Earlier this year I was asked if I’d like to take part in an intergenerational creative project called Spirit of Resistance which explores the life and legacy of World War Two blind French resistance leader, Jacques Lusseyran. The project marks the tenth anniversary of Extant’s ground breaking play: Resistance. All the participants met in workshop … Continue reading My spirit of resistance

Women, art and travel: A journey to France

Amelia Murray was so enthralled by the horizon on board the Halifax on her way to Canada that she turned to art to enliven her reactions. Women travellers were often very knowledgeable about art and artists. Some women  sketched and painted whilst abroad and some even travelled specifically to pursue their love of art.  Marianne North's botantical drawings, which … Continue reading Women, art and travel: A journey to France

Amelia Murray an inspiration for the older female traveller

The Honourable Amelia Murray, the subject of my talk  on Monday night at Paddington  library, reminded me of something important - when is it too late to go travelling? Murray travelled at age 59, as my research has shown travelling over 40 was unusual for women. Travelling alone, as she did, was even rarer. So I am reminded … Continue reading Amelia Murray an inspiration for the older female traveller