About Talks

I currently give talks across London on nineteenth-century women travel writers’ views on slavery; in addition on prominent black female travellers and writers of the same period like Mary Prince and Nancy Prince who went to Britain and Russia respectively.

I am developing talks on the following questions:

How glaucoma affects the African Caribbean community?

How mindfulness can aid recovery from loss and bereavement?

Please email me for hourly rates.

Please feel free to download slides for any of these talks.

Living in the ‘very lap of slavery’  nineteenth-century female travel writers’ views on slavery West Greenwich Library   See complete set of slides from this talk here.

Black women organising in 1980s Britain, thoughts and  reflections See complete set of slides from this talk here

Mary Prince: Britain’s first Black woman autobiographer.  A chronological look at Mary’s life in Bermuda and Antigua and her removal from there to England in 1828, and her petition to the British Parliament for her freedom from slavery.. See complete set of slides for this talk here

paddlibtalkA successful talk at Paddington Library on Mary Prince – See pictures (left).

Also see new article on Books and the City blog 






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